We bought a drone..

A tale of lock-down shopping and youtube
So, A now retired Aidan has been mainly filling his time in lockdown Wales scanning ebay for our new motorhome ( alas we have yet to find the right one ) and watching endless youtube channels of van lifers and road trip travel vlogs, then after many minutes of deep deliberation he (we? 😛 ) decided that Adventures with Eve was in desperate need of a drone to help create the footage required for our forthcoming vlogs and our social media content and so the shopping began.

In what seemed no time at all the research was done and a budget was set which then saw the shopping being ramped up in earnest. We finally plumbed for the highly rated dji mini 2 which seemed to tick all the right boxes for us and had the backup of a good support package and great reviews. The deal was done and soon our new toy and its accessories arrived here and was swiftly unpacked, admired and put onto charge while we installed the relevant software/apps on our smartphones. 

Itching to get started we used a gap between full lock downs in Wales just before Christmas to drive to a local but more importantly empty car park and gave the beast a go lol, suffice to say its not as easy as it looks but we did manage to get our maiden flight out of the way and put together a short instagram segment from the captured content. We have a long way to go before we are flying and filming like hollywood cinematographers but its a start, we hope you like what you see and we will be making more once full lockdown is lifted here in Wales and we can travel again.

As we have never used a drone before we ask you to please bear with us as the learning curve to get it producing what we want looks fairly steep for oldies like us and our first proper post could be quite literally our last if we crash it haha. For now its back to completing the website and searching for a motorhome ready for our Adventures with Eve journey to begin properly, stay safe everyone and may the road rise with you.