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Our current equipment 

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We started 2020 with the usual standard family estate car and an old Ford Freda ( Mazda Bongo ) which was used as our day van and general dogs body and which we still continue to have a lot of fun in, Late 2020 saw us change the family estate for a more robust Fiat Fullback pickup truck which while being less economical and eco friendly provides us with much safer and more reliable transport option across all terrains whilst not being phased by the fickle uk weather, The “truck” as we call her will be our main day to day transport going forward.

During the summer the rear of the Freda was stripped out and a single rock/roll bed added along with some general cooking / camping equipment, the “bongo” as she is known will be used as our day van for all our hiking and photography trips as well as a basic overnight accomodation for us on the odd occasion, we also hope to use her to visit a few festivals going forward.

In early 2021 we started looking in earnest for a larger motorhome to become the base for our longer trips and adventures, Covid had at this time sent the motorhome market into a frenzy and although our budget was not small it looked as tho we would not be getting much for our hard earned cash, We searched hard and viewed many vans before luckily finding what is now our new home on wheels in May 2021. The motorhome we finally settled on was a low mileage ( 30k miles ) Autotrail Cheyenne running on the Mercedes platform, she is not perfect but is in excellent condition and should serve us well for many years to come. The motorhome is affectionately known as “Nadia”