New Walk & Updates

A few days back in a lovely calm & mild interlude in the otherwise awful winter weather here we managed to get in another of our short season of winter 2021 lockdown walks. This walk is a particular favourite of ours as it takes in a fantastic range of terrain and vistas without being over taxing, having walked this route many times we expected the trail up through Trevor Hall woods to be muddy and we were not disappointed lol, don’t let this put you off trying out this wonderful climb up through the woods it’s only muddy for a short period during the depths of winter and even then it is still well worth doing.

You can find a full route guide in the wales section of this website and a matching video has been added to our youtube channel. In other news we are still working hard on mastering our filming and still captures and their subsequent editing ready for publication and we thank you all for your patience while we improve our skill set to a decent level, hopefully you should see our content improve rapidly as we move into spring and fingers crossed out of our current Welsh level 4 lockdown status.