Deja Vu

Lock down to go on…  Its a dogs life lol.

Wales is to stay in full “stay at home” lock down for at least another three weeks it has been announced today with no changes until mid march at the earliest. Its for our own well being and we will stick to the rules but it does seem harder to do this time.

On the bright side a slow phased reopening will protect us better from any future lock down returns and of course a return of this vile virus that could make my humans ill.

In other news the planning for this years adventures continues with the search for the right camper van ramping up ( as are the prices dad says ) and after a trip to the vet i am now up to date with my injections and worming which i needed to have stamped in my records before i could potentially travel into Europe, I will be returning to the vet for my rabies inoculation in two weeks time to complete my passport.

31kg!.. I think their is something wrong with the scales at the vets, it looks like i need a bit of work to get my bikini body back ready for the summer.

Dad has been poorly this week so we have not been for another video hike but we will get a new one out as soon as we can especially with the weather improving and the nights drawing out.

Stay safe everyone, we can do this 🧡

…… Eve