Come on uncle’s Mark & Boris

Its been a quiet couple of weeks here with dad mainly looking for the “perfect” camper van for our holidays and mum decorating the bathroom.

We have been on plenty of walks but none that we can film as they are more dog walks than proper hiking, We will have another ready soon tho and it may even have a “special guest” in it so watch this space.

Today i have been back to the vets for my rabies injection to cover this years trips which i am told i will need should we manage to get to a place called France in the summer, Dad said that if i am good at the vets he thinks uncles mark and boris will let us go in June. I have no idea what he means but it all sounds exciting and mum says they will be lots of seaside so i will roll with it 😎

So there we are all up to date and safely into march, its nice to see the days lengthening if it is still a bit cold. Stay safe everyone see you all soon…. Eve