Carbon Neutral From 2022

With a concerned eye on the devastation that climate change is having on the planet we decided that some form of personal action was required to at least do a little bit to offset our own carbon footprint. To begin with in late 2021 we set the date January 1st 2022 as our starting point for all the changes giving us a couple of months head start to continue our research & begin putting things in place.

We quickly realised that our knowledge on the subject was woefully incomplete and that we were still learning about our full impact on the planet and how we could be better world residents going forward so we decided that a few simple steps and pledges would be a good start. So as of 01/01/2022 the following changes will be made here at adventures with eve…

Pledge 1 – Travel Miles… We will be offsetting ALL of our adventure with eve travel miles be they our short days out in the bongo or on our long motorhome trips. To do this we have signed up to THE SOLAR FUND and going forward we will be monitoring all of our travel mileages closely and donating accordingly with the intention of covering every 5000 miles ( 8000km ) with the correct offset donations in advance starting January 1st 2022. This will make all Adventure with Eve trips going forward carbon neutral 🌍

Pledge 2 – Our personal carbon footprints… Again as of January 1st 2022 we will be actively offsetting our personal carbon footprints both at home and during our travels / adventures as much as we can whilst continuing to research and learn what our best long term options will be. To do this we have signed up to CARBON NEUTRAL BRITAIN with our monthly donations offsetting all our own personal carbon footprints to a carbon neutral status, the donations will be set high enough to allow us to also cover our personal non AwE day to day vehicle miles.

Pledge 3 – To become more aware… Whilst the carbon offsetting by donations is very practical and is hugely beneficial to the world it did seem to us that it was a bit of a cop out unless we actually also did some hands on offsetting ourselves, however small. So in 2022 we will be looking at all of our home and travel practices going forward with the hope to remove / replace all the high carbon impact items and practices that currently exist at adventures with eve. Although we already have a responsible attitude to this and have for many years respected our environment with such simple tasks as recycling etc we will be taking this much further from 2022 with a complete ban on single use plastics within our AwE adventures and a plan to remove / replace all non recyclable items from our adventures going forward, Single use plastics will be eliminated completely immediately and all other high impact items in our motorhome will be replaced with more eco friendly versions as they become worn out.

We are also aware of how the food we eat impacts on our footprints and although we have no plans to become vegetarian / vegan as in truth we are the from the wrong era for this and a pledge from us to remove meat completely would be nothing but patronising to those who practice these things properly. However we will be pledging to remove all meat from our diets for two days a week every week going forward, not much we know but it’s better than nothing and we hope you will agree.

We are also watching our food miles going forward and will be reducing the impact that has domestically and during our AwE travels & adventures.

It won’t change the world we know but we feel better for trying 🌍