About Eve

Hi and welcome to Eve’s little place on the web. Eve is a 3yo ( Jan 2021 ) rescue lurcher who now lives with her doting owners Aidan & Diane in the beautiful region of North Wales in the UK. Eve’s early life is known only to herself and is most likely best left behind her, suffice to say it was not a pleasant beginning and when rescued she carried all the traits of an animal that had predominately been used for baiting & fighting.
The first picture in the gallery below shows an abandoned Eve in late December 2019 tied to a gate in sub zero temperatures, she had been left in the middle of nowhere on a little used farm track on the isle of Anglesey, why and by whom is unknown. She had been there for a substantial amount of time with no protection from the elements and was in an exhausted, distressed and malnourished condition. A wonderful lady called Lowery found her and with some help from her father she made sure Eve was firstly made safe and then put into the hands of the relevant professionals before finally being taken to the dog rescue center at “almost home” near Mold.

Her new owners first met Eve at the center in late Dec 2019 and after all the usual checks and formalities ( spaying, home visit and documentation etc ) finally took her to what will be her forever home on January 3rd 2020 a date now classed as both her “got you” day and her birthday. She has a lot of both physical and mental scars but she brings nothing but love and joy into her new home and with a lot of work both ways is becoming the beautiful dog she should always have been.

So that is probably enough said on her past except for a message to those who left her tied to that gate… you are not fit to be called human.

So from the past to the future, Its now time for Eve’s adventures & fun to begin full time. Early January 2021 as well seeing Eve’s 3rd birthday also sees her owners switch from their  previously busy full time jobs into a more leisurely pace of life of retirement and travel. Eve’s owners have been fortunate enough to be able to retire at what is now regarded as quite a young age ( both mid 50s ) and with the odd creaky joint or two aside are both overall still in good health. Eve loves being outdoors and is always an enthusiastic participant when out hill walking, hiking or generally enjoying the countryside with her owners.

Below are a few photos from Eve,s adventures in 2020 with a lot more to come in 2021